One Meal a Day to Six-Pack Abs 018: When your diet is failing you need to get some perspective and carry on

by David

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6 pack abs challengeThis Day 18 of my Six Pack Diet challenge.

I mentioned yesterday that most of the success of any diet is a battle fought in your head.

This is so important when your diet is failing because you’re at a vulnerable stage.

You have to get your thinking right and get a little perspective.

In an ideal world everything about your diet goes well and you lose fat at a constant rate and end up at your target weight on your target day.

But life’s not like that

This week my life has been spent mostly coping with five children at home (my 4 and their cousin), keeping them fed, watered and entertained whilst still doing everything else I need to do.

It’s a change from my usual comfortable and well rehearsed routine, and like it or not it impacts on the other things in life, just as it impacts upon my diet.

I definitely haven’t seen the progress I was hoping for this week, but I’m OK about it.

Why wouldn’t I be? It’s only a diet, the world isn’t ending and at worst I’ve delayed the outcome of my challenge for a week. So what?

I only have to look at the comparison pictures I put together a few days ago to realise that even with the ‘slow week’ I am still a million miles away from where I was at 205lbs.

I am getting a six pack

My progress so far on my challenge to get 6 pack abs

The truth is that if I couldn’t reach my goal and get the flat stomach, I would’t be crushed if I had to stick with the body composition I have today. It is so much better than it was before – I look better and I feel better.

So much of what we do when we diet is projecting into the future, but it’s important to register how good things are for us right now.

And things are still great for me. I’m no longer fat and I’m still within spitting distance of a flat stomach.

I’m not failing just because my progress has slowed and you’re not failing if you took a week off from your diet while you coped with the school break / the new job / a family crisis / huge car repair bill / illness.

Get some perspective and pick up your diet where you left off.

You only fail when you don’t start again.

My Diet Pictures

This is me today 18 Feb 2012

Day 18 One meal a day to six pack abs

This is me on day one of the challenge

day 1 flat stomach challenge

This is me when I was 205 lbs of wobbly

205 lbs of wobbly

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Bryan February 19, 2012 at 11:34 pm

It is great that you have a long term perspective and that you are not beating yourself up over a rough week. I think the side by side pictures do show great results and you can see those six pack ads working their way out. Keep up the great work.


David February 20, 2012 at 10:23 pm

Thanks Bryan. It’s starting to come together now and I too feel that I’m starting to see results. Another three weeks of this and I think I should be there or there abouts. Not counting my chickens before they hatch, but it’s good to have an eye on the prize.


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