One Meal a Day to Six Pack Abs 022: Don’t Try The One Meal a Day Diet, It Probably Won’t Work For You, And It Could Be Bad For Your Health

by David

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challenge yourself and get flat absThis is Day 22 of my six pack abs diet challenge.

I don’t recommend this diet!

I got the idea for eating one meal a day from an article I read in a newspaper about an American Army General who, as a lifestyle choice, eats one meal a day.

I liked the idea and decided to try it for myself.

I’ve been writing about it on this site and documenting the last phase of my initial weight loss and the initial stages of my push to lose the rest of the fat, hopefully resulting with me getting a flat stomach.

I had an email recently which pulled me up short. It basically said that I needed to put disclaimers on my posts to avoid giving the impression that everybody can lose weight if they undertake this diet.

Promoting this diet as a means to lose weight, might also get me into hot water if I can’t back up my claims with medical evidence… and what if someone decides to follow my lead, undertakes the one meal diet and gets ill or injures themselves? How do I stand then?

It’s a fair point, so I want to be explicitly clear.

I am not promoting the one meal a day diet as a diet for you or anyone else. In fact, I’m advising you against trying it.

It’s not optimal and in some ways goes contrary to the generally accepted dieting advice.

This is my journal of my experiment in sub-optimal dieting.

I write about it because it’s interesting to me. I hear a lot of excuses from people as to why they can’t diet and most of them come back to lack of time, lack of access to exercise facilities, lack of access to good quality food.

I wanted to see if I could find a way that someone like myself  – a busy middle aged man – could still achieve good results despite all of those excuses – and so far it looks like I’m on track to do exactly that.

Of course, what I don’t how the diet is effecting my body, other than the obvious fat loss. Is fasting for 23 hours a day 5 days a week putting an undue strain on my heart? What is it doing to my internal organs? Will I induce diabetes?

Tomorrow I might keel over from a heart attack and I would never be able to bring you the news about this undesirable side effect of the diet.

So I’m going to do it now.

I recommend you don’t do this diet. It’s too extreme.

Don’t do this diet!

Don’t. Do. It.

I don’t want you to follow my lead, but if you do, it’s at your own risk.

I strongly advise you to seek the advice of a medical professional before you undertake any diet, especially any diet you find online that doesn’t have a proper medical endorsement.

I’m serious.

This is not one of the those reverse psychology things!

A lot of the information on the web is not to be trusted, especially where your health is concerned.

Do your own due diligence.

I am going to continue the diet and continue to write about it though, but for information – like we’re friends discussing it over a cup of English Breakfast Tea.

Diet Pictures

This is me today 22 Feb 2012

Day 22 one meal a day to six pack abs challenge

This is me on day 1 of the challenge

day 1 six pack abs challenge

This is me when I weighed too much!

205 lbs overweight

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Midlife Singlemum February 22, 2012 at 10:42 pm

I’m absolutley not going to do this diet (more than a little bit) and if I do I absolutely didn’t hear about it from you. In fact you advised me not to. Where do I sign this comment?


David February 23, 2012 at 4:01 pm

If ever you’re asked, just say…. Dave who?


Bryan February 23, 2012 at 2:55 am

Your title for this post threw me off. I said, what is going on? I was thinking you did fall out or something. I do believe you have adequately covered the disclaimer part very well, but then again I thought you had already stated it in the last. The results for YOU are very obvious and looking good. Keep up the deligent work.


David February 23, 2012 at 4:05 pm

I’ve mentioned it a couple of times and I’ve changed two of the main posts to reflect the idea that I’m not pushing this on people, merely reporting my own experience. That probably should cover it now. LOL

I think the results are really starting to show now. Thanks for your encouraging words!


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