One Meal a Day to Six-Pack Abs 024: Will I Get Loose Saggy Skin With Rapid Fat Loss?

by David

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challenge yourself and get flat absThis is Day 24 of my Six Pack Challenge

I know you can’t really tell from the pictures but I am now starting to lose fat from my stomach and around my love handles area. (Could someone please tell me the proper term for ‘love handles?)

I have the distinct sensation ofย  ’empty skin’. The flesh around my stomach is starting to feel like it’s emptying out quicker than my skin can contract to keep it tight.

There’s a great deal of movement there now, whereas before it was fairly taut.

What I’m also seeing now are distinct islands of fat. It appears that my belly fat is now cut off from my love handle fat.

It will be interesting to see what happens if I keep losing at roughly the same rate – will I end up with saggy skin?

I don’t think so because I’ve had the same experience throughout my diet. There were periods of time when my skin was looser for a while but quickly tightened again.

I know also that there’s some thought that saggy skin is common for those on crash diets. And I suppose you’d be tempted to think that my one meal a day diet is a crash diet, but it’s not.

Most days I aim to consume around 1800 calories which is way above the 500-800 calorie range usually associated with crash diets.

I’ve also previously read that low calorie diets often result in loss of lean body mass – like muscle and connective tissue – which in turn leads to a condition often referred to as “skinny fat” -where the majority of the weight lost during a diet comes from the body eating the muscle as fuel.

I’d need to read more about this (and I will do at some point), but I take care to make sure that I’m not eating a very low calorie intake and I remain physically active – don’t forget I’m a full time at home dad so there’s a lot of lifting and carrying, pushing and pulling, plus I do a few body-weight exercises every now and then (for fun, not to build muscle or burn calories).

Seriously… don’t underestimate how much physical exertion is involved in keeping home!

If you’ve been following along with my diet updates, you’ll know my weight loss hasn’t been particularly rapid. Probably the most rapid weight loss results came when I wrote about my challenge to lose 10lbs in 4 weeks – and I lost 9… which is pretty much a moderate and modest 2lbs per week.

The upshot of all this is: I don’t think the elasticity of my skin is a problem. I’m pretty confident it will tighten up. (On a side note… my wife had four children and she has no loose skin! (But maybe that only works for women?? (<– Something else to read about.))

Fat loss pictures

This is me today 24 February 2012

Day 24 six pack abs challenge

Here I am on day 1 of the challenge

day 1 six pack abs challenge

And here I am with my skin stretched tight over my 205 lb mass

205 lbs overweight


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Bryan February 25, 2012 at 11:37 pm

You keep this up and you will be making television commercials. ๐Ÿ™‚ looking good my friend. I believe you are going at it nice and slow so you should not have that saggy skin issue to contind with.


David February 26, 2012 at 12:38 am

Bryan, thanks for the continued support, it really helps!
LOL at the idea of being on TV. More likely I’ll be in a cheesy youtube video offering the ‘secret of six pack abs’ hahahaha.
Oh, wait, I’d better get some first. ๐Ÿ˜€


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