One Meal a Day to Six-Pack Abs 029: Don’t eat white bread if you want to get flat abs!

by David

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challenge yourself and get flat absThis is Day 29 of my challenge to get flat abs.

I read an article the other day on a well respected “get a six pack” site.

This is a popular site and features well in the search results. There are lots of comments on the blog and clearly lots of people like what the site owner has to say on the subject of getting ripped abs.

He’s a genuine guy and has plenty of video and photo’s showing his own well toned physique so he obviously knows what he’s talking about.

There is some great stuff there but then this caught my eye:

It said…

You will never get abs if you eat white bread, potatoes and pasta.

What? Never?!

He was adamant. NEVER!

What a load of rubbish!

Okay so I know I’m not quite there yet with getting myself a six pack and worse still I seem to have hit a weight-loss brick wall, but even so, I refuse to believe it.

I feel a little exposed shouting my mouth off about it when he’s standing there with his rippling abs and I’m here with my belly still hanging over my belt, but what the hell…

I’m a little cynical and can’t help but think some of these ‘gurus’ are complicating it deliberately because they have something to sell.

Because let’s be honest, you’re not going to fork out good money just to be told… eat a little less and exercise a little more over a prolonged period of time and you’ll lose enough body fat to reveal your abs.

Who wants to pay for that?

No one. Mostly because they don’t believe it’s true.

Because most people want to believe they’re a special case based on their repeated failures to lose weight.

Getting a six pack is difficult. It must be or more people would have them, right?

And if it’s difficult it needs a complex solution – it stands to reason. Doesn’t it?

Like I said, I haven’t got it quite right, but I’m not too far away.

Eating one meal a day and sticking to the normal everyday staples that many families enjoy shouldn’t stop me from reaching my goal.

I reason that it’s easier to start out in a simple way and tweak it until it works rather than starting out in the most complicated way possible and getting bogged down in the minutiae.

  • What supplements should I take and for how long?
  • Should I eat 30% carbs, 50% protein and 20% fat, or maybe 40, 40, 20?
  • Should I do low intensity cardio?
  • Should I do high intensity cardio?
  • Should I do fasted cardio?
  • Should I even do cardio at all?
  • What’s the best heart rate monitor I’ll use only twice before I get bored with running?
  • Is it best to eat 30 minutes after exercising or should I wait 47 minutes.
  • How much should I be paying for my isotonic post work-out drinks?
  • I’ve heard that cortisol is bad for weight loss, how can I avoid getting stressed?
  • Should I lift weights?
  • Are free weights best, or should I use machines?
  • How often should I lift weights?
  • What is the correct form for deadlifts?
  • Do I really need the disc that’s just ruptured in my back?
  • Should I shave my chest and get a spray-on orange day-glow tan?

And when you get to the point where you’re throwing away the yolks of three eggs to make the optimum omelette, I think you’ve gone too far!

OK, If you’re going for Olympic gold, go for it – knock yourself out with your goji berries on on egg whites slathered with organic peanut butter, topped off with blueberries and almonds – but if you’re a middle aged beleaguered work at home parent who just wants to look and feel in decent shape, it seems beyond ridiculous.

When you have so much going on with micro manipulations of your macros, where do you even begin to start tweaking?

I know that what I’m doing isn’t perfect and it looks like I may have to make some changes to get the results I want, but the chances are I’ll only need to clean up my diet a little, or do a little more exercise.

But whatever happens you can bet I’ll still be eating white bread when I finally get flat abs.

Diet Progress Photo’s

This is my white bread eating belly today 29 February 2012:

Day 29 One meal a day to six pack abs challenge

This is my white bread eating belly on day 1 of the challenge:

day 1 six pack abs challenge

And this is my white bread eating belly as it was at 205 pounds

205 lbs overweight

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