One Meal a Day to Six-Pack Abs 031: More thoughts on why I may be sabotaging my weight loss

by David

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challenge yourself and get flat absThis is Day 31 of my challenge to get 6 pack abdominals.

I haven’t been feeling too thrilled about my diet lately. It’s not that eating one meal a day bothers me, it doesn’t (most of the time).

It’s that I keep sabotaging myself! It’s frustrating.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about this and I’ve come up with what seems like plausible explanation.

I’ve been so determined to prove that it’s possible to lose enough body fatĀ  to get visible abs by eating a normal everyday diet that I’m going out of my way to make sure I’m not cheating by swapping some of the junk I eat for better choices. (How crazy is that BTW?)

I want this to be a genuine and authentic experience where I stick to my sub-optimal food choices and minimal exercise and still reach the goal. I want to show that it’s not necessary to believe everything the diet industry and the six pack abs crowd say about weight loss.

Unfortunately I seem to be over compensating!

I’m going to let that roll around in my head for a while and see if it holds any credibility under further scrutiny.

Diet Progress Photo’s

This is me today 2 March 2012

Day 31 Six Pack Challenge

This is me a the start of the challenge

day 1 six pack abs challenge

And as I was at 205 pounds

205 lbs overweight

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