One Meal a Day to Six-Pack Abs 032: Photographing my weight loss makes me feel silly but it’s worth doing anyway

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challenge yourself and get flat absThis is Day 32 of my challenge to get flat abs.

I forgot to take my weight loss progress picture today!

It was just one of those things that got away from me.

I had intended to take the picture in the morning, but I got busy and by the time I remembered I was at the cinema watching the Muppets with my kids.

By the time we got out it was too dark and it’s pointless taking a picture indoors because my phone camera just isn’t good enough.

Missing out on taking the picture actually annoyed me a little, because even though it’s a pain, it’s become important to me.

And feeling that way made me wonder if I’m really as demotivated by this stage of my weight loss as I thought I was.

Even though it is important to me, I’m not entirely comfortable with it.

Last week one of my kids was playing with my phone and asked me why I had pictures of my big belly on my phone. I explained that it was because I wanted to track my fat loss, but I still felt like an idiot.

I’m not comfortable taking pictures of myself even in the relative seclusion of my back yard.

We’re not overlooked to any great degree, but never-the-less we are overlooked, so I’m always conscious that the neighbours might see me standing against my wall with my t-shirt pulled up and taking pictures of my stomach.

In the middle of summer being shirtless is not unusual and it would be less ridiculous (still ridiculous, but less so) but in the middle of winter it’s definitely odd behaviour.

I deliberately haven’t included any pictures showing my face, because I’m not happy to have those pictures plastered all over the internet. I like to lead a private life and don’t want my fat pictures coming back to haunt me.

It might not be so bad if (and by ‘if’ I mean ‘when’) I reach my goal and get a flat stomach, but right back at the start there were no guarantees I’d even get close. Keep in mind here that I’ve tried and failed before and was worried I’d fail again.

I just didn’t need that kind of pressure.

It’s personal choice and I know that there are plenty of people who are comfortable with it.

Here’s why I take fat loss photos:

  • Because I’m not weighing or measuring myself and I need some form of reference.
  • To show progression later on when pull them together into a sequence.
  • To remember how dreadful I looked when I didn’t control my food intake.
  • In the hope that when I’ve finished it might help to motivate someone else.
  • To remind me that I’ve got a job to finish.
  • To keep me motivated – When I look back at my 205 lb picture I feel proud of how well I’ve done.

Even though you may not be able to see changes in my picures, I can, they’re sometimes marginal, but I see them. And it would probably work the same way for you too.

If you were thinking of taking your own fat loss pictures, I’d encourage you to do so. I’m glad I did it.

  • Don’t feel you have to post them online. Keep them for yourself if you prefer.
  • Don’t feel you have to show your face. It’s your weight loss journey, so do it your way.
  • Don’t feel you need a professional camera with a tripod and remote. Just use your phone camera (even if it is rubbish like mine).
  • There’s no need to buy a special outfit just pose in your jeans.

Anyway, there’s nothing to see here… move along…

No. there really isn’t anything to see.

Diet Progress Photo’s

This is me today 3 March 2012:

Day 32

This is me a the first day of my challenge:

day 1 six pack abs challenge

I weighed 205 pounds in this one:

205 lbs overweight

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