One Meal a Day to Six-Pack Abs 036: Getting rid of man boobs or ‘moobs’ through dieting has been a big relief

by David

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challenge yourself and get flat absThis is Day 36 of my challenge to get a flat stomach.

Children tend to say what they see.

They don’t mean to be cruel, but they feel compelled to tell you exactly what they’re thinking and they don’t spare your feelings.

Back when I was 205 lbs I didn’t think I’d quite made it to the realms of having man boobs, but my 5 year old daughter made me think again.

“Daddy, why have you got boobies?”

“I have NOT got boobs! That’s my chest. Men don’t have boobs.”

“Well, you do and they’re big.”

Horrified, I went straight to the mirror to look a what my daughter was seeing, and I was relieved that she was somewhat overstating it.

Even so, I could see what she was getting at, I was well on my way to developing ‘buds’.

Man boobs or ‘moobs’ afflict a lot of men and I can only imagine what a dent that it to self esteem.

Looking back on it now, what my daughter said was pretty funny, but I wouldn;t want to make light of it because I know it causes a lot of anxiety for middle-aged men like me who are just entering their forties.

I’m not sure whether dieting alone gets rid of moobs for all men. I suspect that some men suffer from this condition as result of hormonal change rather than being overweight.

I need to do some more reading about Gynecomastia.

What I can tell you for sure, is I don’t want moobs. EVER!

I’m so relieved that my diet has prevented this embarrassing condition for me. I’ve dieted them away!

I mention this now because as I continue to lose fat I’ve noticed just how much fat I’ve lost from my chest.

When I weighed 205lbs my chest measured 42 inches, and yesterday I recorded a measurement of 38.5 inches.

There’s still fat on my chest but not enough for gravity drag down and form anything resembling, or even hinting at, a man boob.

That is definitely something to be happy about and something to keep in mind if ever I start to put weight on again.

Diet Progress Photo’s

This is me today Wednesday 7th March 2012

Day 36 One meal to 6 pack abs

This picture is me on day one of the challenge:

day 1 six pack abs challenge

This picture is me at 205 pounds:

205 lbs overweight

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