One Meal a Day to Six-Pack Abs 038: How much weight do I still have to lose before I see my abdominal muscles?

by David

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challenge yourself and get flat absThis is Day 38 of the 6 pack challenge.

I mentioned yesterday that it’s difficult to tell from my progress pictures exactly how much fat I’m losing and how much I still have to lose.

That’s partly because I’m the camera on my phone (which is not the best) and partly because my skin is so milky white, it’s hard to see anything past the glare!

So today I’ve taken an extra picture of me with my abdominal muscles tensed.

Please note I haven’t trained my abs at all, so don’t be remarking upon the general absence of abs! 🙂

My decision not to do ab exercises was a deliberate one, and I’ll explain this in greater detail another time, but in brief, I wanted to see what’s there first before I start any sort of program to develop my abdominals. So here we go:

Tensed abs

Tensed abdominals on day 38

It’s interesting to me to note that the fat loss isn’t uniform.

I imagined that fat loss would have uniformity and symmetry and mostly it does, but I note that there are small pockets of fat around my upper abs.

I don’t know how to describe it other than to say it looks a bit ‘blobby’ or maybe ‘puffy’.

As I said, it’s interesting, it’s certainly not something that worries me. But it does make me wonder if some people do experience asymmetric fat loss in a much more pronounced way? Maybe that’s something I could research in the future.

Sucking my belly in

With everything sucked in and muscles tensed I can really see what is now an island of fat on my belly. It’s totally isolated from my love handles.

And as for my love handles they are definitely getting smaller. I can feel my hip bones and I don’t think it will be long I can see them too.

It was worth taking this picture because I’m starting to see what my body will look like when I’ve stripped away the last of the fat.

How much more fat do I need to lose?

Well, there’s a good handful still at the sides (drifting around to the back) and a there’s more than a handful on my belly still and probably a handful on each… er… butt cheek. So if 5 lbs of fat looks like this, I’m guessing I have another 7 to 10 lbs to lose. Total guesswork though!

Diet Progress Pictures

This is me today 9th March 2012 (stomach not tensed)

day 38 six pack diet

This is me a the start of the challenge: Day 1

day 1 six pack abs challenge

And as I was at the start of my diet: 205 pounds

205 lbs overweight

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