Good Health and Fitness is ESSENTIAL to Your Success as a Work at Home Parent

by David

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I believe that your fitness and health is something that you need to address if you’re going to survive as a work at home mom (mum) or dad, achieve your ambitions and live the life you dream of.

I don’t just think it’s a nice goal, I think it’s essential.

Survival of the fittest

It’s tough to have full time responsibility for the childcare and the housekeeping at the same time as working from home.

It’s downright stressful at times and if you feel you’re getting overwhelmed one of the first areas to slip is your health.

When your health deteriorates you’ll be more prone to low grade chronic illness and fatigue.

As you put on (or possibly lose) lots of weight through stress and anxiety you’ll induce other medical problems and you’ll certainly have to contend with issues of self-esteem and confidence.

All of this undermines your ability to care for your family on a daily basis in the home — and it impacts on your ability to do the work that pays the bills.

Your role is crucial to your family so it’s essential that you look after yourself by getting fitter and healthier.

Small changes make a big difference

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be difficult or daunting. Almost everyone can make some small changes that will bring about some significant benefits over time.

No one is saying you need to look like and Olympic athlete or that you need to train like one.

Your goals can be more modest, yet still make a huge difference.

Eating habits – Aim to eat a balanced diet.

Factoring in some regular exercise – Walk for 30 minutes every day.

Setting some limits – Understand how much energy your body needs and eat in accordance.

Get well rested – Your body needs to repair and recharge itself; you need to give it the opportunity to do so.

Information Overload

Getting fit and losing fat is a minefield. There are so many options it makes your head spin.

Such is the amount of information on diets and weight loss, that it’s too easy to get stuck in the research phase and do nothing at all.

It’s also tempting to believe there’s a secret to rapid weight loss out there somewhere that doesn’t require any real effort, but sadly it doesn’t exist. If you want to lose weight without resorting to surgery, you have to do something, you have to make a commitment and see it through.

I think the truth of the matter is that almost any of the myriad weightloss programs will help you lose weight if you stick to them.

The secret isn’t in the program it’s in your mindset and your determination to get the job done —  and crucially, your resolve to keep the job done by maintaining the results.

You don’t need a fancy diet

You can fill your pantry with all the latest superfoods, beans and berries, pills and potions but it won’t make a jot of difference if you’re not committed to the process and emotionally invested in seeing it through.

My own belief is that the fad diets aren’t necessary. That doesn’t mean I think they don’t work, as I’ve said, I believe any diet regimen can work for you, but only if you follow it.

As with success in other areas of life, I think the real secret is developing the right mindset and attitude. Unless you get your thinking sorted out, you’re likely to fail.

I also believe that in order to succeed you have to feel good about yourself and taking control of your health and fitness is a great way to do that.

When you look good, you feel good.

What would you like to improve about your health or fitness?

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Bryan November 6, 2011 at 4:07 pm

You really can’t deny how important health and fitness is. At home or at work, we just have to be healthy and fit. Great post!


David November 6, 2011 at 10:38 pm

Thanks Bryan, I appreciate you dropping by!


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