Six Pack Abs by Summer: Day 7

by David

in Health & Fitness

This is Day 7 of my attempt to get a flat stomach by the end of June. I’m doing it eating one meal a day and I’ve set myself a challenge to do 10,000 push ups and run a marathon– 1.5 miles at a time, all by the end of the month.

I’ve got 23 days left to achieve my goals.

Today’s Stats:

June 7th 2012

Weight: 174.0 lbs (Up 1.4)
Chest: 38.75 (No change)
Belly: 34.75 (No change)
Waist: 34.5 (No change)
Hips: 37 (No change)

I thought I was feeling better. It turns out I’m not.

Nothing too bad, just general feelings of lethargy and feeling generally weak.

I’m glad I decided not to go out for a run this evening because I really don’t feel like it.

Anyway, six days in a row is pretty good, and a day off will do me good.

As far as push ups are concerned, I’m getting way behind in my challenge to do 10000 by the end of the month.

I only managed 100 today. Ouch.

My weight is up to 174. I think that has something to do with the pizza I ate yesterday!

I’m not worried about the increase, I know it’s not fat. I didn’t eat enough to put on 1 and a half pounds of fat.

Despite everything, I’m still feeling very good about my progress after only 7 days.

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