Six Pack Abs by Summer: Day 8

by David

in Health & Fitness

This is Day 8 of my attempt to get a flat stomach by the end of June. I’m doing it eating one meal a day and I’ve set myself a challenge to do 10,000 push ups and run a marathon– 1.5 miles at a time, all by the end of the month.

I’ve got 22 days left to achieve my goals.

Today’s Stats:

June 8th 2012

Weight: 174.0 lbs (No change)
Chest: 39.0 (Up .25)
Belly: 34.75 (No change)
Waist: 34.5 (No change)
Hips: 37 (No change)

My weight is still up at 174 lbs. No change since yesterday, but to be fair, yesterday wasn’t the best day so I didn’t expect an improvement.

Today however, was quite a bit better.

I didn’t feel at all weak today, as I have for the last few days, and did a total of 600 push ups.

I also ran an extra .2 of a mile at the end of my 1.5 mile run (because a marathon is 26.2 miles and the extra .2 has been bugging me!).

My eating today has been OK, but I could have been stricter. (Too many sweet things.)

But! I made sure I put the extra calories to good use by completing 600 push ups. That’s probably the most I want to do in one day.

At a total of 2760, I’m about 150 push ups short of where I’d like to be right now and my plan is to do those tomorrow.

See all my diet photos here.

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