Six Pack Abs by Summer: Day 12

by David

in Health & Fitness

This is Day 12 of my attempt to get a flat stomach by the end of June. I’m doing it eating one meal a day and I’ve set myself a challenge to do 10,000 push ups and run a marathon– 1.5 miles at a time, all by the end of the month.

I’ve got 18 days left to achieve my goals.

Today’s Stats:

June 12th 2012

Weight: 171.8 lbs (Down .4)
Chest: 39.25 (No change)
Belly: 34.25 (Down .25)
Waist: 34 (Down .25)
Hips: 37 (No change)

I am so pleased with my progress, and yes, I’m happy to have a new low weight of 171.8, but we all know the scale doesn’t tell the whole story – as my picture diary shows, scale weight can fluctuate wildly.

What I’m truly delighted with is my waist measurement. The last time I had a 34 inch waist was when I was 20 years old. TWENTY THREE years ago!

In fact, my wife commented the other day that she hadn’t seen me looking so trim since we first met.

What’s really exciting about this, is the next decrease in waist size will take me into a whole new territory… the 33 inch range. I hardly dare think about it.

I didn’t do so well with the eating plan today. I found myself grazing, nothing devastating to my diet but it’s an easy way to introduce an extra 300 to 500 calories without being conscious of it.

As for the exercise… I’m on schedule to hit my daily push up quota (and possibly exceed it) and I’ll be going for another run later this evening.

Just 18 days left! I have made good progress but I must stop the grazing if I’m to have any chance of reaching my goal by the end of June.

So here’s my latest photo…

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