Six Pack Abs by Summer: Day 13

by David

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This is Day 13 of my attempt to get a flat stomach by the end of June. I’m doing it eating one meal a day and I’ve set myself a challenge to do 10,000 push ups and run a marathon– 1.5 miles at a time, all by the end of the month.

I’ve got 17 days left to achieve my goals.

Today’s Stats:

June 13th 2012

Weight: 170.6 lbs (Down 1.2)
Chest: 39.25 (No change)
Belly: 34 (Down .25)
Waist: 34 (No change)
Hips: 36.75 (Down .25)

Is the scale lying to me? Am I losing weight too fast? Maybe both. Maybe neither.

But either way I used it as a day to be slightly more relaxed.

My skin is looking a bit ’empty’ and isn’t contracting fast enough to keep up with the fat loss.

I suspect that by the end of the month I may have lost the fat but gained some skin.

It might not be a great look but I’ll worry about that when it happens.

Yes, I had a bit of a day off and ate a little more than I have been eating recently.

I also cut back ot the push ups and I didn’t go for a run. Neither of these was intentional, it’s just the way my day worked out.

Around 11pm I announced to my wife that I was going out for a run and then promptly sat my backside down in front of the computer and surfed the interwebs to discover more about my latest burning interest: Ferret Sweaters!

By which I mean I procrastinated and wasted an hour in which I could have done anything to take me to towards any of my goals – not just my fitness goals – but instead I let the lazy part of my brain rule my actions. Hell, I could even have used that hour to get some extra sleep! And truth be told I wish I had. I need to bring my running back an hour or two.

I’m not mad about it. In fact it’s a little bit funny to realise that for all the changes I’ve made in my life, I still get tripped up by the old me.

Fortunately I didn’t do any damage – I just didn’t make any progress and I’m sure this will be reflected in my stats tomorrow.

275 push ups today. No run. (But I still did the 2 dog walks and ate close enough to my eating plan to make me feel it was an OK day.)

Here’s the picture:

You can see all the pictures on my diet diary

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Bryan June 14, 2012 at 11:19 pm

Ferret Sweaters, That is a good one, you had me worried there for a second.
Now the extra hour of sleep I can relate to needing. Keep up the positive attitude. I know I have slipped up on not posting anything in a few days. I have been crazy busy and not even been on a computer of any type.


David June 15, 2012 at 8:47 am

Life gets like that sometimes! Hope it eases up for you. Keep plugging away! 🙂


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