Six Pack Abs by Summer: Day 15

by David

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This is Day 15 of my attempt to get a flat stomach by the end of June. I’m doing it eating one meal a day and I’ve set myself a challenge to do 10,000 push ups and run a marathon– 1.5 miles at a time, all by the end of the month.

I’ve got 15 days left to achieve my goals.

Today’s Stats:

June 15th 2012

Weight: 170.4 lbs (Down .4)
Chest: 39.25 (No change)
Belly: 34 (No change)
Waist: 34 (No change)
Hips: 37 (No change)

I don’t know! I’m doing pretty well but I could do better. It’s a new low weight for me, 170.4 lbs, so I should be happy about that — and I am — but…

I could still do better!

Two whole weeks in now and I’m starting to see a little bit of cheating sneak into my diet.

You know, like a child sneaks in to the room. They know you can see them coming but you pretend you can’t and that makes them all the more brazen, so they over-act the sneaking motions with big exaggerated movements.

I don’t want to cheat!

Not this month.

This is the month the bring my top game.

Here’s what it is:

The extra exercise is lulling me into a false sense of security and making me think I can get away with an extra morsel here and there.

But seriously, no, I can’t. Those morsels soon add up.


And this is not me being hard on myself, I’m not sitting here crying into my English Breakfast Tea.

These are the cold hard facts of the matter.

I’m not doing as well as I could.

It’s easy to tell myself it doesn’t matter and it’s only a few bites. But when will it matter? On June 29 when I need to lose 3lbs in one day?

If it gets to that stage I really will be crying the salty tears of defeat into my tepid tea.

No. It matters today and tomorrow and every day until this challenge is over.

If you see me confess to cheating again, you have my permission to slap me around the chops with a wet haddock.

When I lost the first 30lbs I didn’t mind that it took so long. That was part of the deal. In fact it was part of the joy.

This time though I’m on a deadline. I have a job to do. I have to make measurable progress in reasonable time or my life will just become an endless diet.

It’s not about the weight

It never really has been. It’s about whether I stick to my eating plan. That’s where the satisfaction comes from.

I don’t care if the scale says I’ve gained a pound overnight because I know that scale is a lying pile of springs and washers.

It does bother me though if I didn’t do what I said I’d do.

The scale can be a liar, but I can’t.

Are you smiling reading this? I hope so. I’m smiling writing it.

There’s nothing more refreshing or liberating than an ice cold truth shower. 🙂

10,000 push up challenge etc

430 today added to the total which now stands at 5,620.

And there’s another mile and a half to deduct from the marathon target. Oh, yes, and I can be happy that I’ve hit another milestone by going past the 20 mile mark!

Here’s my picture from today:

See all my diet pictures

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Midlife Singlemum June 16, 2012 at 11:22 am

5.6 lbs in two weeks is pretty good. And all those inches lost. I’m back on track (2 small meals a day instead of one) even though I only managed to get started on it on the 12th of the months. Don’t cheat now!


David June 16, 2012 at 8:06 pm

Darn it. You caught me! Despite everything I said, I still cheated today!! Noooooooo!

I could cry, wail and whinge about it, but it’s better to accept it and try to fix it with immediate effect.

Hopefully you don’t have a wet haddock in your hand right now!

5.6 pounds down is fairly decent, I can’t argue with that. 🙂

So you’re back on it?! That’s great. Two small meals is a good way to go and to be honest I think it’s a better way to go.

Keep at it, Midlife Singlemum!! 🙂


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