Ergonomic Chair For Back Pain Relief: The Award Winning FreedMan Chair

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While I was sitting at the kitchen table working at my computer I heard about an amazing new chair on the radio. As I listened to the inventor talking about the chair I became conscious of how uncomfortable I was on the hard wooden dining chair.

I could feel pressure on the underside of my legs just above the knee and I could feel tightness in my lower back muscles. I’d put it down to being susceptible to suggestion, but I’ve been aware of the discomfort before.

When I heard the chair had won The Best British Design of the Year 2011, I was excited to hear all about it and thought I might buy one.

Reinventing the chair?

FreedMan Chair: "It's the chair that can actually free you from back pain."

It certainly looks that way.

This revolutionary new office chair is called the “FreedMan Chair“, but I first heard it as the Freeman Chair and then when I heard it again I got the Freidman chair or Friedman, but it turns out to be Freedman named after the man who invented it.

This chair was designed by Simon Freedman an osteopath with over 20 years experience.

It’s certainly an unusual looking chair, but aside from its striking appearance its purpose is to maintain a natural posture for the spine whilst comfortably seated.

The seat is angled to produce the desired curve in the spine – as it would curve whilst standing.

The seat pan is contoured and moulded to take advantage of the body’s own padding and cushioning.

The blue back balls are not intended for support but instead they offer a pressure and resitance similar to an osteopathic treatment.

Why office chairs cause back pain?

Typically, back problems suffered by office workers can be caused by poor posture while seated through ‘slouching ‘ or ‘perching’.

Office chairs are often designed with cost in mind so the construction is fairly basic and uncomfortable, and this causes the sitter to adopt an unnatural posture.

You may experience feelings discomfort or numbness, and over time as the muscles and discs degenerate resulting in chronic or acute pain depending on the nature of the condition.

Common injuries and ailments

  • Upper back pain
  • Lower back pain (lumbar region)
  • Compressed discs
  • Herniated discs
  • Shoulder pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Muscle fatigue
  • Knots in the back
  • Pinched nerves
  • Build up of lactic acid
  • Inflammation
  • Sciatica

What is a herniated disc?

This is a tear or rupture (here) of the discs between the vertebrae causing the disc to bulge and press on the nerves of the spine.

What is sciatica?

This is the compression (here) of the sciatic nerve often caused by the herniated disc (sometimes referred to as a slipped disc) or sometimes by misaligned vertebrae. It presents as numbness or pain in the lower back, hip, buttocks and thigh and can be quite debilitating.

How ergonomic chairs help with back pain

'Osteopathic Therapy'

Ergonomic office chairs are designed for people who sit at their desk for extended periods and are intended to offer relief to back problems or prevent them from occurring in the first place by improving the posture of the user.

How much does it cost?

This could be the best office chair to come to the market–it certainly sounds promising–but it’s a touch out of my price range at £1500.00 GBP (Approx $2400 USD).

Where can I buy it?

You can get it from the maker’s website: Click Here

The chair will take five months to produce and the initial production run will only produce 1000 chairs, so act quickly if you want to buy one.

Would you, could you, love a chair like this?

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