Losing Weight Eating One Meal A Day: The Last 10lbs

by David

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I’ve been holding off writing about this because I’ve had a few false starts, so I wanted to see if I could lose a substantial amount of weight before writing about it.

Health and fitness is important to me and as a work at home parent, with all that you endure, it’s likely you feel it’s important too.

I’ll get into the specifics of the diet in a later post (Update – Here it is: One Meal a Day) but I want to get started with something I think will be pretty cool:

I want to share the next ten pounds of my weight loss with you!

I’ve lost 20lbs eating just one meal a day and I have 10lbs more to lose to get to my target weight of 173lbs.

The first 20lbs has taken me about 4 months to lose. I’m really pleased. I feel so much better and there are other benefits I hadn’t anticipated.

You may have expected me to lose more weight over 4 months, but to be honest, I didn’t always strictly adhere to the diet. There was a lot of trial and error and that’s what accounts for most of the slow progress.

I realize that this diet won’t be for everyone, but I wanted to demonstrate how having the right mindset and attitude can make all the difference to achieving success, and how this readily transfers to the home-life and to work-life as well.

I hope my progress will inspire you and I hope that your input will inspire me.

Weight loss on a work-at-home website?

You’re probably wondering what weight loss has to do with a website about working at home.

A great deal as it happens.

I’ll expand on this over time but for now here are a few key points.

Working at home is tough, regardless of whether you’re an entrepreneur building a business, an employee working for someone else, a home schooler, or someone involved in academic or professional study.

Add to that the full time responsibility for managing the home and raising a young family, and the pressure starts to mount.

And when it does, one of the first things people sacrifice in order to get everything done, is their health.

People stop exercising, they form poor eating habits and often gain weight as a result – which in turn leads to other medical problems.

The bottom line is: If you get sick or sidelined you can’t take care of your family and your business will suffer – and if your business suffers, so does your family. And so do YOU!

If the physical benefits weren’t enough, then there are also the psychological benefits to consider.

When things aren’t going well with the business and you’re not making money, you start to lose confidence. You question yourself and waste time over-analyzing. You start to panic and and throw more time at the business leaving the family to fend for itself and it doesn’t take too long before you feel utterly out of control and very despondent.

Take Control

Taking control of some area of your life, like your fitness and health, helps enormously.

It gives you a constant which is very reassuring when the rest of your life is in turmoil.

Your daily successes with your fitness and health goals feed your self-esteem and provide the proof your mind needs that you can do whatever you dream of doing, that you can overcome obstacles and that you have the emotional resilience to pull you through the tough times.

I’ll be posting updates and also some pictures and I’ll also give a full description of the diet in case you’re brave enough to try it.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4 – The Final Week

Keep me company… Are you on a diet at the moment?

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smittenbybritain December 13, 2011 at 12:21 am

I have been considering skipping dinner every night as a way to lose weight. I can’t imagine eating one meal a day. Skipping dinner will be tough enough. Looking forward to reading what you have to say.


David December 13, 2011 at 10:11 am

Missing dinner is certainly an option. It’s not what I do though. I miss the other two meals and enjoy (I mean really enjoy) an evening meal. It’s been working for me but just like any other diet it requires some work to stick to the plan. It’s been worth the effort so far though!


Midlife Singlemum December 17, 2011 at 10:06 pm

OK. I’m in! But with plenty of tea and coffee with skimmed milk during the day. Also we don’t do desert in such a religious way – it’s usually a yogurt or some fruit. I’m excited about this now, thank you.


David December 17, 2011 at 10:59 pm

Brilliant! I drink tea during the day with full fat milk and one sugar. I like coffee too, but it doesn’t like me on an empty stomach.

The thing about the desert is that we usually have a little something after the meal. Some days it’s a homemade gingerbread men, somedays it’s ice cream. This week it’s been custard, of all things!

I guess I’m still experimenting a little to see what I can get away with, but beyond that, I feel that if I’ve shown the discipline to go without all day long, I’m going to get a reward for it! Desert!


Seabass October 24, 2016 at 4:57 pm

Hi, I am a 205lb guy and 5′ 6″ and I am looking to get down to 190lb as soon as I can, but with in reason. I was wondering how many calories can you eat if your doing the one meal a day only diet?


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