One Meal a Day Diet: Week 3

by David

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This is week 3 of my one meal a day diet. Week 1 here. Week 2 here.

I started documenting that last stages of  my diet two weeks ago at a starting weight of 182lbs (having already dropped from 205lbs) because I thought it would be fun and interesting to share losing the last ten pounds.

Dieting over Christmas seems like madness, but it’s working out very well, I haven’t felt like I’ve missed out at all.

176 lbs

I’m getting ever closer to my target weight of 172 lbs, and the lowest weight I recorded last week was 176 lbs, putting me within 4lbs of my weight loss goal.

The festive season isn’t over yet and there are family events to attend over the next week and the New Year celebrations at the end of the week.

I confess that it’s not easy to stick to stick to the diet, but I’m going to continue because every day I feel better for doing something about my weight–an issue that has bothered me for years and and finally I’ve made the sort of progress I used to dream of.

The story so far:
Week 1
Mo 182 –  Tu 180.6 –  We 179 – Th 179.2 – Fr 178.6 – Sa 178.6 – Su 179.8
Week 2
Mo 179 – Tu 179 – We 180.4 – Th 178 – Fr 180.4 – Sa 176 – Su 177.2

Starting Stats:

43 years

Wk1 Start Weight: 182 lbs
Wk2 Start Weight: 179 lbs
Wk3 Start Weight: 180.4 lbs


Monday December 26 – 180.4 lbs
Tuesday December 27 – 178.8 lbs
Wednesday December 28 – 177.2 lbs
Thursday December 29 – 176.6 lbs
Friday December 30 – 176.8 lbs
Saturday December 31 – 176.2 lbs
Sunday January 1 – 175.8


Monday – 180.4

5pm: Dinner – Turkey Curry (what else?!), naan bread, rice. Followed by pastries.

10pm: What a good couple of days I had over the weekend. I was mindful of my eating but not obsessed by it. That’s one of the reasons I love this diet. I know that I can eat very well over the weekend because I watched what I ate during the week. Of course, this is Christmas, so I’ve relaxed my diet a little and ate more than I would over a regular weekend.

I’m not sure what this has done to my weight because it’s never easy to tell after a ‘cheat day’ (or two). There’s always an element of bloat and water retention so the scale weight on a Monday always looks like a mess. I’ve learnt not to worry about it and just to stick to the eating plan.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and wanted to thank you for following my progress, especially those of you kind enough to leave comments.

Tuesday – Down from 180.4 to 178.8

1pm: Lunch – Baked ham, new potatoes, roasted vegetables, quiche. Followed by croque-en-bouche.

9pm: Today we had family around so instead of eating my big meal in the evening I ate it at lunchtime. I have to be honest and say I struggle a lot more to stick to the plan when I eat earlier in the day. I honestly couldn’t tell you how much I’ve eaten today because I’ve been grazing. After my meal, I picked up a morsel of christmas cake here, and a bite of ham there.

If I eat early in the day it feels like I’m opening the flood gates and it’s hard to close them after that–which is why I prefer to eat in the evening. The good news is that it’s only Tuesday so there’s still plenty of time left to make a dent in the fat reserves.

Wednesday – Down from 178.8 to 177.2

Noon: Snack – A slice of ham and a few raisins

5pm: Dinner – Cornish Pasty with mashed potatoes, peas, corn, gravy. Followed by a satsuma, and a mince pie.

8pm: Tough day! Wanted to quit a few times. There is so much chocolate around that it’s difficult not to gorge on it. The odd bit has passed my lips here and there, but nothing substantial. I knew it would be testing doing this at this time of year, but I’m just about hanging in there.

I didn’t enjoy dinner this evening and that’s bad news if you’ve waited all day to eat. I’ll think of something better to eat for tomorrow’s evening meal.

Thursday – Down from 177.2 to 176.6

11pm: What a rubbish day!! For a second there I thought about posting nothing today and seeing how the weight was tomorrow before revealing what a crappy day I had today. But no! This is a warts and all account of my one meal per day diet and as good as it is for losing weight fast, it’s no good if you don’t stick to the eating plan.

If ever there was a time when I needed to stick to it to prove it works it’s now, but today I didn’t do it. It was a limbo day. I hate limbo days. It was neither the diet nor a cheat day, but somewhere in between. Disappointing because I didn’t eat well enough to justify taking a cheat day and disappointing because I’ve made no progress.

But that’s life. And it’s certainly the life of someone on a diet. Some days it just doesn’t click but the trick is not to let it bleed over into the next day. Tomorrow I’ll get back on plan as though nothing happened.

Annoying. But not the end of the world and certainly nothing to undermine my confidence that I’ll lose the last 10 lbs.

Friday – Up from 176.6 to 176.8

9am: Today is going to be a good day because I won’t be repeating the mistake I made yesterday. I know exactly the moment it started and I won’t allow it to happen today. Today is a ‘bounce-back day’.

It wasn’t just yesterday’s mistake, the pattern has been developing for a while. The Christmas Holidays somehow became bigger than my dreams and goals. It’s totally understandable, and was fine for a few days, but losing the last of my excess weight is important to me – it ties in to nearly everything else I’m doing.

2.30 pm: Waiting until 5pm is a long time to go without eating, but I always feel that if I can make it until 2.30, I can make it to 5pm. Life gets busy between now and dinner so I don’t have too much opportunity to deviate from the eating plan. Plus, I always feel that if I’ve made it this far, it would be a shame to undo all that good work. Today is shaping up to be a winner as far as the diet is concerned.

5pm: Dinner – Meatballs in tomato sauce with pasta and bread. Followed by Christmas Pudding with Chantilly Cream.

11pm: I did it! I stuck to my eating plan and I feel better for it. After the last few days in limbo I’m happy to celebrate this little victory.

It’s funny to think that I’m more concerned with sticking to my eating plan than whether I’ve under-eaten enough to lose fat, but it’s one of the reasons I love this diet.

I accept that there will be days when the diet won’t be so effective because I also know there will be days when it will. Some of it is pure dumb luck, and other times it’s because I’m a little more careful about the quantities I eat. Today I ate a big evening meal. It was my prize for getting back on the program.

I mention this because I have no idea what my weight will be tomorrow – I never do, but even if the scale shows I haven’t lost any weight, I’ll just keep on doing what I’ve been doing – So far I’ve lost over 20 lbs doing it this way and I’ve eaten pretty much everything I wanted to eat along the way.

This week has been odd because I haven’t seen the same kind of results I saw in the first two weeks, but far from being disheartened, I’m actually encouraged. I’ve been able to meet the challenges of a tough week and overcome them, and that feels pretty amazing!

Saturday – Down from 176.8 – 176.2

9am: Normally Saturday would be more relaxed with two meals and whatever snacks I feel like eating but I’m not going to do that today. I’m going to stick to one meal and I’ll do the same tomorrow and then hopefully by this time next week I’ll be at or very near my target weight of 172 lbs.

5pm: Cottage Pie, carrots, sprouts, gravy. Followed by a thick slice of Christmas cake.

9pm: I enjoyed dinner today and I felt full afterwards – which stops me from wanting to eat later on in the evening. It;s New Year’s Eve so there’s been plenty of food on offer today, some of it is hard to resist but I want to make my target weight by the end of next week so I stuck to the plan. It looks like it’s going to be a good New Year and I can’t wait to see where reaching my goal takes me.

Sunday – Down from 176.2 ro 175.8

5pm: Dinner – Roast beef, yourkshire pudding, roast potatoes, broccoli, carrots, asparagus, gravy. Followed by Croque-en-bouche and double cream.

9pm: Oooo. That was a big dinner but then it’s New Year’s Day so it was always going to happen. If it weren’t for the fact I’m writing a weight loss thread it wouldn’t bother me at all. There are a few very special days in the year when we celebrate life with good food, and this is one of them.

Aside from the big dinner it was an excellent day for sticking to the eating plan and I’m happy to chalk it up as a success!

The week ahead is exciting to me because I’m going to try and hit my target weight by the end of the week. I want to move on to other goals and get 2012 off to a flying start.

Weight Loss photos:

205 lbs

176 lbs

Check out week 4 of the diet.

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