One Meal a Day to Six-Pack Abs 006: Which Diet is Best For You?

by David

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6 pack abs challengeThis is day 6 of my One Meal a Day to Six Pack Abs challenge.

My diet makes me laugh because it makes other people wince.

A few people have already told me that they just couldn’t do what I’m doing because it’s too extreme.

(Actually, secretly, I kind of like that because it makes me feel special. Aww!)

I won’t lie to you it’s not easy, but it’s not that difficult either.

The challenge

I like the challenge.

I like holding out all day long to get my reward at the end.

I like it when I stop eating at a certain time, because I get a sense of pride from being able to control my actions.

I like it because it fits with my family life.

I like it because not many other people like it.

Most of all I like it because it’s working for me.

And that’s the point, you have to do something that works for you.

Which is the best diet for you?

Choose a diet that has the food you like; choose one that allows you to eat frequently; choose the one based around the latest fashionable fad; choose one that your friend is doing; choose one you can stick tonow and in the long term.

My friend David Wright (author of Yesterday’s Gone, a post-apocalyptic serial thriller)  has embarked on what I think is a very severe diet.

So severe is it, that I wouldn’t even attempt it – and that;s saying something considering that I routinely go 23 hours in the day without eating.

David has written a couple of articles already and seems to be making excellent progress.

So which diet is best? All of them. Any of them. Whichever diet you can stick to until you get the desired result is the best one for you.

Pick one and do it!

My Diet Pictures:

This is me taken today, 6 Feb 2012

get a six pack

This is me on the first day of this challenge

Day one of 6-pack challenge

This is the starting point of my diet:

Started my diet at 205 lb

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