One Meal a Day to Six-Pack Abs 008: Have Your Cheesecake and Eat it Whilst Dieting

by David

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6 pack abs challengeHi, welcome to Day 8 of my quest for flat abs.

One of the big surprises for me about eating just one meal a day, is how much more important to me that one meal is.

I look forward to it all day long (and not in a tortured deprived way either), and while I’m eating it I appreciate it more than I would otherwise have done.

My approach to nutrition is still sub-optimal. I don’t have the ideal balance of carbs, protein and fats, as prescribed by the professionals, but my diet is far from being ‘bad for me’. It’s good enough to get me most, if not all, the way to my goal – after all I’ve already lost 30+ lbs in this way.

One of the greatest joys this diet brings me is being able to eat food that I like.

I ate a slice of homemade chocolate cheesecake yesterday – see the recipe here – and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

One of the biggest revelations for me over the last few years is that mindset and attitude are so important to any success. So knowing that every day I’ll be eating a great meal and sometimes that will include eating a very fatty and sugary dessert helps me to stay on track. Even though I’m making sacrifices, I don’t feel like I’m missing out.

Anyway, I’ll be eating cheesecake when I finish my diet, so I’m going to eat it during my diet!

Did the extra calories damage my diet yesterday? I’m not sure and I don’t care (too much).

My wife spent time and effort making the cheesecake and there was no way I was going to push it away – and eating just one meal a day helps me to accommodate that kind of thing.

None of this means I can deliberately eat badly, it’s all about being sensible and making better choices as I adapt.

So now having consumed a delicious slice of artery clogging food I’ll make some compensations today and maybe for the rest of the week.

People quit diets all the time because the transition to the optimal approach is too tough.

This diet has allowed me to make a slow transition, build up some momentum and success and that’s massively important in determining whether I’ll stick to my diet and achieve a flat stomach.

Diet pictures:

Here’s me today 8 Feb 2012:

cake diet

Here’s me on day one of the challenge

flat abs day one

Here I am at 205 lbs

too many cakes made me fat

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