One Meal a Day to Six-Pack Abs 012: Other fat loss indicators to look for when you’re not weighing yourself

by David

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6 pack abs challengeThis is Day 12 of my challenge to get six pack abs.

I mentioned yesterday that I’m still losing fat on my very sub-optimal diet and I’ve been taking pictures to track progress.

I suppose you as the reader might not see much progress in the pictures because frankly it’s hard to tell –  and as I’m no longer weighing myself it’s difficult to know for sure.

So other than the evidence of my eyes (looking in the mirror and at the pictures), I look for a few other indicators.

  • My waist band continues to feel looser.
  • I’m close to being ready to move up to the last hole on my belt.
  • My wedding ring is about to fall off my finger.
  • I’ve lost fat from the places you can’t see in the pictures (chest and rear-end).
  • I can feel my abs under my skin (rather than just feeling the padding).
  • Remarks made by other people (not all that reliable but nice to hear).
  • The skin around my belly is looking and feeling a little saggy.

I still have plenty of fat om my chest and on my rear-end and I suspect that the last place I’ll lose the fat will be my stomach and love handles, so maybe the the pictures will continue to look pretty much the same for a while longer – but I’ll keep taking them anyway!

Fat loss pictures:

This is me today 12 Feb 2012:

six pack abs challenge day 12

This is me on the fist day of the 6-pack challenge

challenge to get abs Day 1

Here I am at 205 pounds

from 205 lbs to six pack

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