One Meal a Day to Six Pack Abs 011: I’m free to eat whatever I choose, whenever I like, and still lose fat!

by David

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6 pack abs challengeThis is Day 11 of my six pack challenge

Today is Saturday and Saturday is a ‘free day’ so I’m free to eat whatever I choose, whenever I like.

I tend to be fairly sensible though. I still skip breakfast but I do eat lunch.

Monday to Friday I eat only an evening meal but at the weekend I eat lunch so that I can enjoy a normal lifestyle with my family – because I’m on the diet, not them.

I also do it because psychologically it’s beneficial to feel that I’m not going through a period of starvation, on the contrary, there’s an abundance of food. I don’t deny myself anything if I really want it and that applies to the rest of the week just as much as it applies on my cheat day.

I reason that at some level, if I’m telling myself that there’s plenty of food–and demonstrating it by eating bigger on Saturday and Sunday–I’ll be less inclined to stray from my eating plan throughout the week.

Although, I concede that the real reason might be pure biology and I’ve inadvertently stumbled on the right mix – except that conventional wisdom tells me otherwise.

I continue to read that breakfast is essential for fat burning.

I continue to read that I should be eating six small meals a day.

I continue to read that strenuous physical exercise is essential.

I continue to read that fasting diets deplete muscle tissue.

And yet I continue to lose fat. Maybe not as fast or efficiently as I could, but I am still losing fat consistently, in the simplest way possible. And that’s what I wanted to prove… that it’s possible.

And, as far as I can tell, I haven’t lost any muscle mass (not that I have a tremendous amount to start with!)

My plan is to find out why the one meal a day diet works, but only after I’ve reached my goal.

Diet pictures:

This is me today 11 Feb 2012:

Day 11 of 6 pack diet challenge

This is me on day one of the six pack challenge

day 1 on the road to flat abs

This is me at much heavier 205lbs.

205 lbs fat

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