One Meal a Day to Six-Pack Abs 016: Failing to stick to my diet is a setback, but it can be fixed

by David

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6 pack abs challengeThis is Day16 of my flat stomach diet.

Failing is part of dieting and it’s been part of my diet today.

Being a weekday I’m supposed to eat just once in the evening, but this morning around 7am, for some reason I can’t explain, I picked up a handful of nuts and raisins and ate them.

Not the crime of the century, I know, but it set me on a slippery slope.

I’ve been here before. It’s like Pringle’s… once you pop, you just can’t stop.

And I couldn’t.

Everywhere I looked there was temptation upon temptation. I managed to steer clear of them (including a bacon and egg sandwich) for a while but then someone offered me a mint, and I took it. It was all over from that point on.

Can one little mint destroy a diet?

It can. Easily.

The nuts and raisins and then the mint led me to the Tic Tacs in the driver’s door pocket on my car.

This is getting stupid. Nut’s raisins and tictacs reducing me to a diet failure?! Oh yes.

Because then it was lunchtime and I was making sandwiches for the kids. That would have been okay until I opened the packet of Doritos. And ate one. Arg!

I’d set the gastric juices flowing and ended up picking at bits and pieces until I’d basically eaten what amounted to a lunch.

It didn’t end there. I carried on doing this for the rest of the afternoon until dinner time, by which time I no longer cared.

I could have given dinner a miss, but I didn’t. I could have given the rice pudding a miss, but I didn’t.

Somehow I had a cheat day midweek, but I’m going to fix it by having a one meal day on Saturday, my normal cheat day.

No, it’s not the end of the world, but I am a little cross with myself because I’ve been caught out like that before.

I’ll still take photo tomorrow because I’ve committed to doing it, but I feel frustrated because I might as well just show the picture I took today.

Incidentally, I’ve used a different background for today’s fat loss photo so that you’ll know I haven’t done that!

BTW, since writing the bulk of this post I’ve taken the opportunity to knock out 70 push-ups. This wasn’t a guilt thing, and I know the small amount of exercise won’t burn off the excess intake, but I was motivated by the idea that I might as well use the extra calories to work my muscles for the fun of it and salvage something from the day.

I’m glad there’s room in my diet to accommodate days like this. It means I don’t even have to entertain the idea of quitting.

Here’s to a better day tomorrow!

Diet pictures:

This picture was taken today 16 Feb 2012

Day 16 flat stomach diet

This picture was taken on day one of this challenge

day one flat stomach challenge

This picture was taken when I weighed 205 lbs and my belly hung over my belt.

205 pounds love handles and belly

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Midlife Singlemum February 17, 2012 at 4:07 pm

Better luck tomorrow. Good attitude btw 🙂


David February 18, 2012 at 3:49 pm

Thank you 🙂


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