One Meal a Day to Six-Pack Abs 017: Coping with the bloat after a binge day

by David

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6 pack abs challengeThis is Day 17 of my challenge to get 6 pack abs.

The day after you binge and fall off the diet wagon can be difficult to cope with.

You start processing all the negative thoughts about yourself because you were weak and you should have done better.

And worse still the evidence of how much of a loser you really are is stacked up there in front of you.

You’re heavier. The scale says so. And you’re not just a pound heavier, you’re THREE pounds heavier.

The tape measure comes out and sure enough you’ve put an inch on around your gut.

The waistband of your jeans feels tighter, and that’s absolute conformation of what the scale and the tape is telling you. You really have put on 3lbs of fat over night.

When you look in the mirror you discover that the definition you saw yesterday is no longer there. Instead your skin looks puffy, like you can actually see where the new fat has been deposited.

All this causes you to go into a panic. You consider quitting the diet, because clearly it’s not working. Then you decide that instead you’re going to eat even less for the rest of the week, or else you’re going to work out like a crazy person and burn the fat off.

Stop, it’s OK, it’s only the BLOAT.

You’re bloated, that’s all it is.

You have all that extra food in your system, you’ve retained a lot of water, you’re full of gas.

That’s what accounts for the extra weight, that’s what accounts for the tighter waitband, that’s what accounts for the puffy skin and loss of definition.

Unless you really went to town and consumed an extra 10,000 calories, you haven’t put on 3 lbs of fat.

You’re bloated. You’re a bloater.

Laugh it off and get on with your diet.

Make some slight adjustments if you want to compensate, but don’t go getting extreme, it leads to a very slippery slope.

Get all the negative thoughts out of your head and get some perspective!

The real battle is in your head, not on the plate and not on the treadmill.

It’s one day, you haven’t done irreparable damage to your diet, you’re going to be fine.

Diet Pictures

This is me today 17 Feb 2012

day 17 of 6 pack weight loss challenge

This was me on day 1 of this challenge

day one flat tummy challenge

Here I am when I weighed 205lbs

205 porky

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