My head dropped and I jolted awake just in time to avoid veering into the path of an oncoming vehicle.

It was just for a second, but I knew only too well how close I’d come to disaster.

I pulled over and looked behind me at my precious cargo.

You see, it wasn’t just me in the car, I had my four young children with me.

My eldest was six and my youngest just a year old.

I’d come close to wiping out my entire family.

I felt sick to the pit of my stomach.

I’d stayed up after a night shift to do the school run because my wife had to go to work, and I was absolutely shattered.

I was physically, mentally and emotionally fatigued.

This moment had been years in the making. It wasn’t just the result of one bad week.

This was yet another alarming indication that things were not right in my life.

I was struggling with my career, I was struggling with my relationships, I was struggling with my health, I was struggling with myself!

I had reached the point where something had to give or I felt I would implode.

I refused to accept it at the time, but it was clear that I was having a midlife crisis and I wasn’t handling it well.

So, shortly after the driving incident I decided to shelve my 18 year ailing career and look after the children full time.

And that’s why this site is called Hubby’s Home – because most of what I’ve learnt about myself and life happened during the five years I spent as a stay at home dad.

Without a doubt it has been the most rewarding and valuable experience of my life, but it’s also been the toughest.

Now that all the children are in full time education I’ve returned to my career refreshed and I have a completely different outlook on life.

My career is better, my relationships are better, my health is better and I’m better.

This site is about what I’ve learnt and what I still need to learn.

It’s also about what I need to learn over and over again – because I’m definitely not perfect.

Some of it is in the past, some of it I’m going through right now.

Some of the experiences are still so raw I can’t talk about them yet.

It’s things that make sense to me about running a happy home, leading a fulfilling life and finding success in the areas of life that matter most.

And quite often it’s just about wanting to be positive and optimistic – because how we feel is so vitally important to how we do.

 My name is David. I’m 43. I’m married. We have 2 boys and 2 girls (the eldest is 11 the youngest is 5). I live in England.

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