Be Awesome

Maya Angelou said, “All great achievements require time.” It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to achieve, if it’s worthwhile and potentially life changing it’s going to take time. Try not to get disillusioned by setbacks, and where they do arise, overcome them, and use the experience to strengthen your resolve. Be focused on your goal […]


I caught sight of an article that had this quote: “All men of action are dreamers.” ~James Huneker It was on an internet marketing website of all places… …but it applies to internet marketing as it applies to fitness, weight loss, business, and any other worthwhile endeavour. The author of the article was alluding to […]


There are things in your life that are causing you pain. You can see them coming in advance. You know they’re going to hit you. And yet you do nothing about it. You’re frozen and numb. The reason you don’t do anything? You believe that it’s too late and any action you take will be […]


How long have you been reading self help books? One year? Two? Five?! And are you successful yet? Are you where you want to be in your life? Or are you still going around in circles unable to break away from the life you don’t want to lead? It’s frustrating isn’t it? You’ve worked your […]


Your life has crash landed in the middle of nowhere – you’re scared and frightened. It was a hard landing and you’re battered and bruised – you feel a little dazed and confused. You have no idea where you are, you just know you want to get back to civilisation – but you have no […]