Work From Home

Working at home is challenging – sometimes it can be so challenging you feel overwhelmed and unable to cope. Things start to slip with your home life and business and if you can’t regain control in time, it can get so painful you want to quit both. It was never going to be easy, nothing […]


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“The wilderness is the term for the years (or decades) that a founder/entrepreneur/artist/technology must spend being ignored and unfunded before the breakthrough of overnight success occurs.” I like this because it gives a little perspective. It’s tempting to think that years spent learning new skills and building a home based business have been wasted simply […]


While I was sitting at the kitchen table working at my computer I heard about an amazing new chair on the radio. As I listened to the inventor talking about the chair I became conscious of how uncomfortable I was on the hard wooden dining chair. I could feel pressure on the underside of my […]


First of all, if you’re a work at home parent–particularly if you’re a parent of young children–you have my admiration. I have an even greater admiration for you if you’re doing something entrepreneurial like creating and building your own business because I know just how painful that can be. I know how time consuming, how […]