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Survival as a work at home parent requires you to be in good shape physically.

The stress and pressure you endure in your daily role as housekeeper, parent and breadwinner can be physically and mentally draining. You need to be in good condition to avoid being sidelined with illness and fatigue.

Being fit and healthy by maintaining good diet needn’t be too demanding and can be made easier by developing a good mindset and some simple routines.

Setting and achieving personal fitness goals can be very rewarding, and setting a good example for the children will ensure they grow up fit and healthy.

The topics covered will include:

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  • Losing Fat
  • Eating Plans & Diets
  • Exercise
  • Fitness
  • Exercising at Home
  • Body Weight Training
  • Building Muscle
  • Rest and Relaxation
  • Fitness Mindset
  • Personal Health
  • Family Health
  • Sport


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Good Health and Fitness is ESSENTIAL to Your Success as a Work at Home Parent – Being fit, healthy and active will ensure that you’re physically and mentally up to the demands of being a work-at-home parent.

Losing Weight Eating One Meal A Day: the Last 10 lbs Losing weight is something I’ve tried several times over the years (without much success), but that changed when I decided to try eating just one main meal a day.

An Effective Diet For Busy People – In this post I outline some of the pros and  cons of a 1 meal a day diet, and how effective it has been for me aspart of my busy work at home lifestyle.

Can I get flat abs in time for summer? – My one meal a day diet has taken me within striking distance of a flat stomach for the first time in around 20 years – Follow my progress as I use daily fat loss photos to document my journey to a summer 6 pack.

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